Does This Appeal Too You?

I wanted to reach out to all you creative people out there who have always wanted to create your own wire jewelry, or maybe get started on free form painting, yet something seems to hold you back.

My Story:
I had a strong desire to work with wire for a while, so I decided to give it a try. I went out and bought some wire and beads with the intent to make jewelry.

I got on YouTube to find some tutorials so that I could get started. I came across a lot of very talented wire artist the problem was I was unable to resonate with them.

Out of frustration and a little bit of being convinced I was not good at wire-work, I ended up giving up for a long time until one day; I stumbled across this guy named Matt on YouTube.

I started watching his video’s and that passion for creating with wire came flooding back. Matt’s style of teaching gave me room to be me, with no boundaries, no rules.

I was pleasantly surprised by what I was able to create. Check out a few of my pendants. Each of these didn’t turn out the way I had planned, yet Matt teaches to never give up on a piece but to turn it into something beautiful.

If you enjoy creating free-form paintings or jewelry or have thought about giving it a try, you will love these tutorials. Enjoy!

Matt’s Crazy Art – Where there are no boundaries

Matt’s Crazy Art – YouTube Channel

Chaos Painting 1

Chaos Painting 2  

Chaos Painting 3  

Chaos Painting 4  

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