Do You Know What Familiar Spirits Mean? Read My Story.

There are different ideas about what a Familiar Spirit is. For me, a Familiar Spirit is a spirit who has been attached to a person for a prolonged period.

The spirit assimilates into your identity and you into the identity of the spirit, through energy. Let me make it clear I am not talking about possession here. Let me explained through a personal situation.

When I was a little girl, I had this big cedar chest where I kept all my treasures. Whenever I sat on the floor to get into my cedar box, I could feel a tall male presence standing over me.

I would always turn quickly to see who was there, and of course, I never saw anything with my physical eyes, yet I knew this energy was there, it was a male, he wore old fashion round type glasses, and he was tall.

Fast forward many years. We started experiencing some unusual spiritual activity in one of our homes we had moved to. In the master bedroom, our closet door kept opening up. We examined the door many times to see if the lock was loose etc. and we never could find a logical explanation as to why the door kept opening up after we closed it.

One day I needed something out of the master bathroom. On the way to the bathroom I notice the closet door was open, I closed it and went into the bathroom and when I came out of the bathroom seconds later and turned the corner the closet door was opened again!

At this point, I knew there was a spirit/energy present, and it was trying to get my attention. After a few minutes to silence, I began to feel the energies present; only there was something familiar about it. And then just like when I was a child, I saw the same tall man with the glasses.

Long story short, the spirit’s name was George, and he was lost in the ether realm. George didn’t realize he was no longer a part of this world; his sudden death left him confused and fearful because he was still alive, yet not on this plane.

I help George found his way into the light, and it was after George left that I became aware of the attachment or simulation of George into my life.

I felt like a part of me was missing; it was an odd feeling, yet also a freeing feeling. I noticed almost immediately, there was this level of fear that was not there, yet I was not even aware that fear was there until it was gone. The fear belonged to George.

There were other things I noticed over the next few weeks that changed and allowed me to move forward in some areas I was stuck because the emotions belonged to George.

My story gives you an idea of Spirit Attachment. After Georges departure, the closet door never opened up again. Every time I walk by my closet door, I remember George fondly and the many lessons he taught me from beyond this existence.

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