Ghost Are Among Us

Some times when people pass on they choose to remain an earthbound spirit because of their attachments to people, places and some times things they loved.

Keep in mind, an earthbound spirit is still a individual, only without their bodies. Who they were on earth is who there still are on the other side of the vial.

This true story is about a SC restaurant that has a few earthbound spirits, but the main spirit is that of the original owner of the house. The house was built in 1910. Watch the video Most Haunted Restaurant in SC

In Savannah GA there is an Inn from 1790’s that reported earthbound spirits, and one of them is a little boy name Thaddeus. Watch the video Ghost caught on camera in room 204

The McRaven house in Mississippi has been used as a home, a Confederate campsite and a field hospital and it is considered as one of the most hunted homes in MS. Fourteen spirits live in the McRaven home.

National Geographic has called this home the time capsule of the South due to it’s museum-worthy authentic antiques. The McRaven House open to the public in 1961. Watch the video The McRaven House

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