Blog- Earthbound Spirits Are Energies

This article is a brief overview of EB’s.

Earthbound Spirits (EBs); are spiritual energies who used to have a physical body. The EB’s tend not to either understand they have passed on or have not accepted that they have died a physical death.

Sometimes spirits wait for a loved one to pass so they can cross over together or they may have unfinished business. Either way, these spirits did not move into the light.

These EB’s can be;
1- Familiar Spirits; like friends or family that have passed on. These spirits are more likely to have good intentions towards their friend or family member.

My dad was in a coma for ten days before he pasted on. I knew the last sense to go before physical death was hearing. I kept talking to my dad and encouraging him to let go of this world and move into the light.

If I had held on to my dad, I would have been encouraging him to remain after death and keep him from moving into the light so he could continue his journey.

My dad did hang around for a while and lets us know he was there. I knew he was concerned for me and my siblings.

Had my dad attached to me thinking I needed him or he was helping me by staying, he would have ended up draining my energy and opening the doors for unknown spirits.

In a sense, we are like batteries, and spirits can drain our energy and cause us to be tired, run-down, and even feel sick over a long period of time.

2) Unknown Spirits. These spirits can be opportunists that are looking to take advantage of vulnerabilities in people.

These spirits can often seek out a particular host and attempt to manipulate the person’s behavior to suit their desires. These spirits are generally not concerned about the person they are violating.

For example, the spirit may influence a person to do behaviors the spirit did when they still had their body, like consuming alcohol or do drugs, overeating, etc.

Brief History; Spirits and their releasement have been a universally described phenomenon around the world for thousand of years.

Most religions have mystic traditions that get detailed about spiritual dimensions and beings. The Bible mentions Jesus healing by ‘casting out unclean spirits.’

Buddhism’s Tibetan Book Of The Dead details specific beings encountered between death and rebirth.

Hinduism’s Autobiography of a Yogi gives specific stories of managing earthbound spirits.

My Service– Spirit Releasement Therapy – Psychic Energy & Entity Healing . If you have questions or would like to learn more please feel free to contract me.

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