Blog- Dreams Do Come True Anna’s Art World

Your dreams are what define your individuality. They have the power to give you wings and make you fly high. … P. V. Sindhu

With my daughter’s permission, I would like to share a little bit of Anna’s story.

My daughter is an artist and storyteller-writer. Both have been a passion really from day one.

There has never been a time I didn’t see Anna drawing or trying to tell a story with pictures when she was a little girl.

When Anna was around two or three years old, Anna tried to draw this place she saw in her mind, but she was unable to. I felt so bad for her when I saw the tears because I knew how important her vision was to her.

Anna tried to tell me many times what this place looked like, but because she didn’t understand what she was seeing, and she didn’t have the words yet to express herself well, Anna was unable to share her vision.

Finally, out of frustration, Anna gave up. I remember feeling a deep sadness for Anna, but at the same time knowing that whatever this vision was had to remain hidden like a baby in its mother’s womb until it was ready to be birthed.

I reassured Anna one day what was in her vision, the unseen world would manifest into the visible world when it was time, and she would have an understanding of what she is seeing, and she would be given the ability to draw it.

Fast forward 13 years later.

Anna drew that vision she once saw when she was a little girl. Below are pictures of Anna’s perspective drawing of her Fury Monk meditating under a temple.

Dreams do come true. Always hold on to your passions and visions, fight for them, nurture them, protect them, because they are a part of who you are.

Anna is in the process of working on a YouTube channel so she can share her love of art.

“The Temple” The perspective drawing is done on 24×18 art paper.

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