Blog- Procrastination Can Mean Your Not Ready

My husband and I home-schooled our daughter. It was through my daughter I learned procrastination has two sides — a negative and a positive.

Have you ever had anyone tell you, you were procrastinating, and they made it sound like a bad thing?

Yes, there are times when procrastination does not serve us well. If we have something we know we need to take care of, like paying the bills, going to work, etc. and we don’t, that can cause us serious problems – this is the negative side of procrastination.

Procrastination also has a positive side. It can mean your not ready, and that is not a bad thing.

When something is causing you to procrastinate, step back, and ponder why. Ask yourself what is going on and listen for the response.

If you are putting off dealing with something you knew you should take care of, then take care of business.

But, if you are putting off something because you’re not ready, listen to that and respect it. If something is met to be, in time you will go through your preparation period, it will come to pass.

Procrastination has two sides…

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