What Keeps An Earthbound Spirit Trapped?

I wanted to share about earthbound spirits to help those who may not be familiar with it. This blog will give you a better idea of what an earthbound spirit is and some of the things that can cause a spirit to be trapped in this world.

Different categories of spirits:

1) Earthbound Spirits EBs, 

2) Dark Force Entities DFEs, 

3) Extraterrestrials ETs

Earthbound Spirits are spiritual energies who used to have a physical existence-body. These spirits don’t realize they have died or they don’t accept that they have passed on in a physical death, so therefore they did not go into the Light. 

Dark Force Entities are spiritual entities who have never had a physical body, and Extraterrestrials are beings from other worlds or dimensions.

Earthbound Spirits:

Earthbound spirits are often spirits that are known to us (familiar Spirit), as family members and friends. Most of the time, these spirits have good intentions towards us.

The problem is, even in their good intentions, when a deceased loved one or friends attaches to you for any reason after death, they can drain your energy. They can also become a portal for other spirits to connect. 

These earthbound spirits need to go into the Light, where they can continue with their spiritual journey. 

Earthbound Spirits – Reasons For Attachments

As living human beings, our bodies are what binds us to the earth, and our Spirit is attached to our body. 

When we die well, our body dies, and our Spirit returns to the Light to continue the spiritual journey. When we don’t die well, we stay bound to the earth through an attachment to a place or another human body. 

Some reasons people don’t go into the Light; 

1) Emotions; Fear, anger, guilt, sadness, love, hate, revenge. 

At the time of our death and leaving our body, there is generally an automatic overwhelming sense of peace and acceptance. I saw this a lot when I worked in the field of death and dying.

Yet people can over-ride this with unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and non-acceptance at the time of their death. 

Fear can cause people to be confused, so they don’t see the Light. Or they know the Light is there, but guilt about past actions in life makes them avoid it out of fear of punishment on the other side of the Light. 

Anger can distort judgment. 

People can see the Light, but instead of going into its love and peace, they become controlled by feelings of hate and a desire for revenge that keeps them attached to the earth- earthbound. 

Sadness or guilt can affect their judgment. 

People do see the Light but grasp onto the living out of a misplaced love or sense of duty. 

2) Clinging; to people or self, to addictions or habits, places, and possessions.  

People; The deep grief of the loved ones can make spirits stay earthbound out of a desire to help them or guilt about leaving them by dying, especially if the death was early, unexpected, or due to their error. 

This is most likely to take place with tightly bonded people in traumatic situations such as;

 a) mothers with their young dependent children.

 b) soldiers in battle, with other soldiers or their loved ones. 

c) lovers acting out of attachment, possessiveness, and jealousy. 

d) People who cared for a sick loved one for years

Addictions; the addictive mindset can be blinded to everything but their addition, so they miss the chance to be free of that addiction by entering into the Light. They cling to the earth, where they try but can’t satisfy their urges. 

Self- some people develop an ego so tightly attached to places, possessions, sometimes fame, or even the knowledge acquired in life, that it creates an unusually fixed sense of self. These spirits can’t see past what they held so dearly on the earthly realm to see the peace, love, and wisdom of the Light that is before them. 

I will share more information concerning earthbound spirits, but for now, I hope this blog helps to give you a better understanding. Feel free to ask me questions.

Love and Light, Jo-Ann

To learn more about me, you can visit my page About Me

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