Earthbound Spirit Attachment


I am going to share the effects of a spirit attachment, I experienced as a child, and throughout a part of my adult life.

I shared a little bit about my story in another blog.

Today I want to share a few of the details to that attachment.

I had no idea that some of the things I had experienced during my life were coming from a spirit (George) who attached to me when I was a young child.

When I reached my twenties, that is when I started to become aware of something, not being right. I had developed health issues that could not be explained.

In my later years, those health issues almost took my life twice. By this point, I was picking up on something spiritually, and I knew “something” was causing me harm.

I went thought long periods of night terrors and visitations. A part of that was because I could hear and feel and see the spirit realm, especially when I was a young child and didn’t understand what was happening, but what I am talking about was something entirely different.

For years I experienced being tired a lot, that feeling of being drained for no apparent reason. This extreme tiredness also played a part in my illness.

I dealt with a lot of unusual fear and fearful thoughts, especially the fear of not being heard. I started overeating, sometimes for comfort, and other times, I didn’t understand why I wanted to eat, yet I felt compelled to do it.

I made many attempts to stop the overeating, only to experience this weird sensation that would come over me, and I would back off feeling like I was somehow trapped.

At times those feelings I experienced were almost like someone placed a brick wall in my mind and told me this was as far as I could go. I realized later as an adult, I had been responding as a powerless child in what I believed. Because when it all started, I was a helpless child.

Overeating became an embedded habit that was partly created by the spirit of George. Those times I didn’t want to eat, yet felt compelled to do so, and did-that was George’s influence.

George had been draining my energy all those years. He had become a part of me and was living through me. You can think of it this way; it is very similar to people who are born with a twin who is not fully developed yet attached. That undeveloped twin drains the energy of the fully developed healthy twin. The medical term is called a parasitic twin.

George’s death was sudden. Because our spirit-energy never dies or sleeps when he left this world; he found himself in another reality; only George was not aware he was in this new reality.

When I finally talked with George, I learned how fearful he was. He had been trying to talk to people, yet his spirit voice went unheard in this realm.

George shared his fear of not being heard with me through his energy when I was a child, and I took it on as it was my own feelings.

After George went into the light, I immediately felt a peaceful silence within me, and I was able to think more clearly.

I also felt like a part of me was missing; it was very similar to when you experience the loss of a loved one, and you get that empty feeling.

This feeling of loss is normal when people get free from attachments, and often coaching can be of help walking through it. There are residual effects that linger.

All the habits and feelings that were associated with George are now gone. I dealt with the residual effects, which for me consisted mostly of beliefs and the empty shells of old habits.

What do I mean by the empty shells of old habits?

I use to smoke, when I quit and hit my one-year mark, I no longer had the desire or craving to smoke, but I was still dealing with the habit of smoking after meals and when I first got up in the morning ETC. – That is the empty shell.

Here is a short list of some possible signs of spirit attachment. It is essential to try and decern what a spirit attachment and what might be an issue from a different cause.

– Feeling like someone is watching you
– Feeling extremely drained or fatigued
– An extreme and unusual level of anxiety
– Feeling like you are “not yourself.”
– Thoughts that don’t make sense or out are of character for you
– Depression, anger, sadness that you don’t usually experience
– A physical illness that has no explanation
– Sudden weight gain or weight loss
– Change in eating habits
– Relationship difficulties
– Difficulty concentrating or focusing
– Sudden cravings for certain things that are out of character for you

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